Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…so why not choose winter to exchange your vows of love? Winter is the season for festive celebrations and the holiday spirit floats all among us. Some couples think that summer is the best time to get married, but let me tell you how nice it would to get married in the winter. For starters, winter is not booked months or years in advance for wedding venues and can give you a lot of options when it comes to booking your wedding date. Second, you don’t need to worry about you and your guests sweating and being uncomfortable, because the weather will be perfectly crisp for makeup, hair, the heavy dresses, the ties, suits, and not to forget the dancing to celebrate your special day! The best reason to have a winter wedding is because your winter wedding can look so enchanting. You can make your winter wedding look magical with the right décor for the perfect winter wonderland theme. For your ceremony, you can have white trees lined up at the ends of the aisles as you walk through. For your reception you can have white hanging twinkling lights and crystals as your ceiling treatment, chandeliers, sparkly hanging icicles, or hanging votives that will illuminate any space.

For your winter wedding centerpieces, you can have white flowers like gardenias, poinsettias, roses, hydrangeas, orchids, and button mums; any one of these combinations will look majestic on the tables. To go along with your white tones of centerpieces on the tables, you can couple your dinnerware accordingly. For tablescapes, you can have white saucers and linens mixed with metallic accents which are the popular theme and continuing in its tracks for next year.  And last but not least, the cake which is the topping to the rest of your winter wonderland theme. One that looks absolutely beautiful with the winter wonderland theme is an icicle cake with a snowflakes design on it. Flowers made of cake fondant are a great idea too, if you want to have a flower design on your cake to match your table centerpieces. You can also incorporate the metallic accents with your wedding cake with edible glitter and beads. Cake decorators are doing amazing jobs on making silver accents like glitter and beads looks so real, while actually being edible! The list is endless for all the things you can do and how enchanting you can make your winter wonderland theme wedding look. Once you choose winter for your wedding season, you will start with a great advantage because the season is already gorgeous and nature itself gives you the foundation for creating an extravagant and enchanting winter wonderland wedding!