Bridal Headpiece Styles 2013

This year bridal headpieces are coming in all shapes, styles, and pieces. The traditional majestic princess tiara for bride’s choice didn’t get much hype in 2013; looks like she’s been thrown off the throne! More brides decided to go with different and unique bridal headpieces this year. Unique bridal headpieces really took center stage across the country including bohemian and vintage inspired styles. Since lace was the top fashion trend this year, brides incorporated all types of lace into their headpieces and headbands, coupled with flower embellishments like baby’s breaths, twigs, vines, and leaves, or other embellishments like pearls and rhinestones. Lace and crystal appliqués were well-liked by many brides this year.  Flower headpieces and flower crowns are also popular this year; silk made roses and gardenias topped brides heads who fancy flower adornments.

The style that was quite popular this year is the bohemian style which is for the natural and simple bride look. Halo’s made of rhinestone headpieces were favored by the brides who decided to go with the bohemian style for their wedding. Vintage styles also got attention, inspired by the film release of The Great Gatsby, veils draping over brides faces and feathers for bridal headpieces dominated this year.  Whatever brides chose for bridal headpieces this year; looked very unique and natural, which is the look of 2013 brides. Wonder what kind of bridal trends are coming in 2014…can’t wait!