Our Philosophy Of Excellence

Pride, honor, generosity, prestige—these are attributes that define the Taglyan family and, by extension, the Taglyan Cultural Complex. In everything that they do, the Taglyans aim to help their community progress and thrive. The Taglyan Complex regularly hosts philanthropic endeavors and fundraisers while adhering to these guiding principles and, in doing so, the Taglyan family has cultivated a philosophy of excellence which permeates all aspects of the culture at the Taglyan Complex.

A Letter from the Executive Director

At Taglyan Complex, we strive to be the best event venue and catering company in the world by creating an inimitable experience replete with world-class service, five-star cuisine, and awe-inspiring ambiance. Though this goal would be admirable—perhaps even a bit too ambitious—for most event venues, we believe it is not only attainable, but incomplete; for Taglyan Complex to meet my family’s visionary criteria for success, business mastery must go hand-in-hand with a steadfast commitment to bettering the community in which we live and work.

The desire to improve our surroundings, on both a local and global scale, is one of my family’s core ideologies. For decades, the Taglyans have been some of Los Angeles’ most generous philanthropists, making large donations to local community organizations, supporting international charities, and giving to community-focused political institutions. By volunteering our time and resources to helping the hungry and needy here at home, we also embrace the belief that direct action, not monetary donation alone, is necessary for enacting real social change.

This Philosophy of Excellence expressed most visibly in our passionate, caring approach and uncompromising pursuit of perfection is the driving force underpinning every event within Taglyan Complex and every charitable action without. Because my family’s reputation—indeed, our very name—rests on our proficiency, professionalism, and moral conduct, you can be sure that my staff and I will give nothing less than our best to every client, event, and fundraising opportunity.

– Gary Taglyan

Taglyan Complex’s Pillars of Success

Industry-Leading Facilities

Featuring beautiful architectural design, luxurious decor, and state-of-the-art technological amenities, Taglyan’s facilities set the standard for all Los Angeles event venues.

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Peerless Service Standards

Personable, poised, and trained to exceed the highest standards of fine-dining, Taglyan Complex’s service staff are uncompromisingly committed to customer satisfaction.

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Red Carpet Events

Taglyan’s exciting red carpet and fundraising events have attracted celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Swank, Sally Field, Jeff Bridges, Forest Whitaker, 50 Cent, and more.

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Exquisite Cuisine and Drinks

Divine Food & Catering’s culinary managers, world-class chefs, and creative mixologists serve only the most inspiring cuisine and cocktails at every event.

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Customizable Experiences

Flexible and accommodating, Taglyan Complex gives hosts the power to customize every aspect of their event, from the decor and menu to the entertainment.

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Philanthropic Acts

Taglyan Complex is committed to improving the community through donations, volunteerism, environmentally-conscious practices, and philanthropic partnerships.

Our Dedication To Social Responsibility

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