Captivating Ice Sculptures

Ice bars are continuously trending in big cities like New York, Las Vegas, London, and for us here at home in Los Angeles. All over major cities Ice bars like Vodka bars have remained popular with visitors who are Vodka connoisseurs, enjoy the experience, and admire the presentation. The presentation is amazing because within these ice bars, you’ll see ice sculptures. Hosts of special events and event venues are using ice sculptures for their beautiful presentations and displays. For weddings, wedding party planners are using themed ice sculptures to represent love such as swan ice sculptures with two swans beak to beak resembling a heart together. Also love birds are being used as ice sculptures and twin hearts to represent two hearts intertwining into one heart.

This year because of the trend of using monograms is popular, brides and grooms are picking ice sculptures carved with their monograms for any celebration involving drinks ice sculptures are being used as bottle chillers and holders such as for Champagne and Vodka. Our own catering services, Divine catering in Los Angeles is using ice sculptures for fascinating presentations, along with using them as chillers for Seafood. Ice sculptures are also being used at business functions. For businesses, corporate event venues are using ice sculptures as representations of businesses with the related industries, as well as trademarks and logos for brand promotion. Whatever special event you might be hosting, whether it be social or business, ice sculptures can serve a purpose and make captivating presentations.