Jack Black’s HBO Comedy “The Brink” Filming at Taglyan Complex

The Brink at Taglyan ComplexTaglyan Complex is no stranger to Hollywood celebrities, film crews, and large-scale productions. The latest show to be filmed at Taglyan’s stately banquet hall, The Brink, is an original HBO comedy about three men – Walter Larson (Tim Robbins), Alex Talbot (Jack Black), and Zeke Tilson (Pablo Schreiber) – trying to arrest an impending geopolitical crisis. Also starring comedian Aasif Mandvi as Talbot’s comrad Rafiq Massoud, the show’s first season garnered positive critical reviews and has been compared to Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove

[Update: The Brink was recently awarded a second season! Perhaps we will see more of Taglyan Complex on the show in the future!}

The clip below is from The Brink’s season finale, “There Will Be Consequences,” which aired on August 23. Though the scene takes place in a Middle Eastern Palace, careful observers will notice the Taglyan Complex Foyer and Gardens in the background!