The Benefits Of An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Being outside with nature can give you a wonderful feeling inside. Sometimes it’s nice to get out instead of being stuck between concrete walls. The sun shining down, wrapping your body with warmth, can strike the perfect mood. We’re all used to indoor wedding ceremonies, charity events, and social gatherings. At Taglyan Cultural Complex, we pride ourselves on the versatility that our venue provides for our guests. From our grand ballroom to the foyer to our gardens, we’re able to provide any atmosphere that you wish for your event. Since we’re located in the heart of Los Angeles, what better way to take advantage of our Mediterranean climate than by having an outdoor wedding ceremony?

An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Offers More Customization

When you work with us at Taglyan, we’re able to offer you the ultimate ability to personalize everything for your event, from the fully customizable lighting and projection mapping to your fine dining experience, and everything in between. And when you decide to book our beautiful gardens, using an outdoor venue gives you the benefit of even more customization to give your wedding ceremony that perfect feeling you want.

Too often, couples are restricted to whatever setup a church has. By holding an outdoor wedding ceremony at our gardens, you can make customizations that other venues can’t provide.

Our outdoor garden gives you a clean slate to dream up the ideal picture-perfect backdrop for your event.

Create A Memorable Atmosphere

An outdoor wedding ceremony has a different feel compared to those held indoors. There’s something about being under the sun or the moon that creates the perfect ambiance for your guests. The cool night air washes over you, creating an electric feeling.

The outdoor air will give your guests an increased sense of satisfaction, making it feel like they’re a part of the city. Being in the heart of Los Angeles, our outdoor garden gives off a specific vibe that is difficult to recreate anywhere else.

Between the wedding ceremony and reception, there’s usually some down time. At Taglyan, we’re able to provide a cocktail hour in our gardens while your guests wait for your reception to begin. This creates a comfortable atmosphere, since your guests won’t need to leave the area to head to the reception. Instead they can mingle with others while enjoying our incredible refreshments.

outdoor wedding ceremony

Offers A Casual Environment

Oftentimes, an indoor ceremony can feel too formal. By planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can offer your guests a more casual environment that they may feel more comfortable with. This might align better with the type atmosphere you want to have.

Our magnolia, olive, and cypress trees are not only beautiful, but will also provide a relaxed backdrop for the event. Your ceremony is serious, but it should also be fun as it’s a monumental moment in both of your lives. What better way to create a fun casual atmosphere than to have an outdoor wedding ceremony?

outdoor wedding ceremony

An Outdoor Ceremony Can Provide A More Intimate Feeling

Depending on the size of the outdoor venue, you can create a more intimate feeling for your ceremony. Our gardens have two separate sections which provide a smaller, more intimate feeling—perfect for your ceremony and guests. You and your loved ones will find comfort under the stars.

outdoor wedding ceremony

Let Nature Be Your Décor

By hosting your ceremony outdoors, you’ll be using the natural beauty of our Earth as the décor for your gathering. Our garden is filled with meticulously-tended roses, which add the perfect splash of color for your wedding ceremony. To add to that, our various trees will provide the type of greenery that is sure to impress your guests.

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the walls and indoor lighting and let nature provide the beauty, which it has done for millions of years. If you want to leave a memorable impression for your guests, contact us about hosting your outdoor wedding ceremony with us at Taglyan.