4 Ways Taglyan Complex Can Customize Your Winter Wedding

The weather is crisp, decorations are coming out, and there’s magic in the air. The year has quickly passed us by, and we now find ourselves heading towards another winter and holiday season. You would think that this means a slower wedding season, but there are many couples who dream of a wedding set in the colder months.

A winter wedding is wonderful to plan for and celebrate. Even though we don’t get snow here in Los Angeles, at Taglyan we love to transform our space into a winter wonderland for couples who choose to host their weddings with us.

There’s no need to worry about the colder temperatures. We can transform our space into a warm, cozy atmosphere for you and your guests. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can customize your winter wedding for you.

1. Transform Our Grand Ballroom


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There is limitless potential to customizing our grand ballroom at Taglyan.

From specified furnishings to custom flooring to draperies around the ballroom, we can completely transform our event space, creating an environment brimming with seasonal charm. Our event planning specialists will take your vision and bring it to life.

Want to bring a snowy feel to Los Angeles? Our fog machines work magic to reflect a winter wonderland touch.

You can also choose from an array of custom flatware of table linens that will fit the theme of your winter wedding.

With so many imaginative requests from our clients, our staff has years of experience helping to design every wedding theme you could imagine.

Updated to add: To give our clients an idea of just how fully you can transform our venue, we added a recent event we hosted on Instagram. Our grand ballroom was decorated to take our guests to another world of wintery magic!

2. Specialty Tables

If want to set your winter wedding apart, look no further than our customized specialty tables for you and your guests.

Bring the wonder of winter to your guests and create a fun atmosphere with a frozen drink luge that will keep them coming back for more!

We can also create a stunning ice sculpture of your liking that is sure to be an impressive conversation piece.

Perhaps you’d like to go a different route and warm your guests up with a specialty soup table. Our world-class chefs will make rich, creamy soups that will keep your guests cozy and toasty all night long.

Whatever specialty table you prefer, our staff will create a winter theme that you and your guests will never forget.

3. 3D Graphic Projecti0n

At Taglyan, we feature a state-of-the-art 3D graphics projection system that can display any graphic on any surface that you’d like.

A great way to transform our ballroom into your very own winter fairytale is to display 3D graphics onto our walls and bring a whole new element to your winter wedding. Splash up a wintery forest to create a striking mood or project a winter blizzard to take your guests on a journey.

Our 3D graphics projection system will tell the story of you and your partner like no other event venue can.

4. Design A Winter-Themed Menu

It’s no secret that the food is one of the most important elements of your wedding. That’s why our in-house catering service spends extra care to ensure everything you asked for tastes just the way you want. We use the very best and freshest ingredients to be sure that every special menu is created to perfection.

In the colder winter months, we often turn to comfort foods to help get us through the days. These are the foods that warm our hearts and take us back to our childhood. We also turn to seasonal tastes during these long, cold months like cinnamon and allspice.

We will assist you in creating the perfect winter-themed dinner menu that transports your guests to the log cabins of Aspen with warming stews, slow-cooked meats, roasted vegetables, and many more delicious wintery delicacies.

A specially designed winter-theme menu will completely transform your winter wedding by adding the perfect touch.

As you can see, at Taglyan, we have winter events covered. Please let us know if you’re interested in planning and hosting a future event with us!