Planning Perfect Corporate Events for Your Employees

The office party has become a cliché: employees mingling, bakery cake, spiked punch, etc.

So why not spice things up?

The best way to turn an office party from drab to fab is to… well… take it away from the office. Employees can’t relax and enjoy themselves at the same place where they are forced to type expense reports, file papers, and make sales seven days per week.

Meanwhile, Taglyan Cultural Complex is a beacon of excellence for hosting corporate events. We commonly host award ceremonies, opening galas, fundraisers, and other prestigious social functions. If you choose our venue, you will be more than satisfied by the helpful staff, stunning décor, delicious cuisine, and other amenities.

Reward your workers for all that they do for the company by taking them out for a celebration luncheon or even a formal dinner with their families. It’s a gesture that will raise your status with your employees and unify everyone for an exciting event.

Pick a Theme

For a more memorable festivity, try coming up with a theme. With holiday parties, like Christmas and 4th of July, the theme comes easily.

Institute a theme that will spark the creativity of your staff, like Hawaiian Paradise, Night at the Oscars, or Medieval Times. Adding a theme spices up the celebration and the staff at Taglyan Cultural Complex is more than happy to help with planning and decorations.

Hire Entertainment

Taglyan is proud to feature a dance floor and stage, making us the ideal location for a party with a DJ, band, singer, or other entertainment. Your entire workforce will be able to enjoy a raucous evening with drinks and cuisine from Divine Food & Catering, our personal catering service. Seems like a lot more fun than listening to an old CD in the employee break room!

Whatever you choose to do, contact a Taglyan representative to see if we can accommodate your needs. The say positive reinforcement increases productivity, so expect your employees to be busy as bees after your visit!