Don’t Miss Out On Customized Cocktail And Bar Services At Taglyan

Looking for the perfect way to elevate your party? Our bar services are exactly what you need to increase your event’s wow factor. Taglyan’s bar services include many incredible options to boost the uniqueness of your event, such as signature cocktails, stunning ice sculptures, seasonal specialties, and much more. These customized details will add an extra element of sophistication.

Fancy Cocktail With BlackberriesSignature Cocktails

At Taglyan, one of our most popular services is customized cocktail service for those who want to create their own custom drink. Drinks are an important part of any party, and having a signature cocktail for your big event is a very popular idea. It always impresses guests, tastes amazing, and adds an extra special touch to an event.

This service gives you the opportunity to work with one of our professional bartenders to make a tailored drink according to your taste, party theme, a special story, or the type of event you’re hosting. We will work with you to design a delicious customized drink with a specific color, fresh fruit if you’d like, interesting garnishes, and name. We can even tailor it down to the straws and ice cubes you use! At Taglyan, we will bring a very special experience to your guests with the interesting techniques and unique presentations that accompany the cocktails we create.

Customized drinks are a great idea for weddings, shows, and corporate events such as galas and award ceremonies. Business owners love creating a signature cocktail and naming it after their company or the event itself.

“His And Her” Custom Cocktails

Many couples enjoy serving “his and her” customized cocktails at their wedding reception to add an extra element of personalization. Guests always love trying the newlyweds’ or anniversary couple’s signature drinks. Again, we will work with you to create something personal to you and your specific tastes.

Once a signature cocktail or specialty shot has been decided on by our clients, they can be offered on trays throughout the duration of the party.

Ice Shot Glasses

We provide our clients with ice shot glasses, or a full ice bar which can have customized logos put onto it. When it comes to ice, we also offer beautiful ice sculptures which can be customized to our clients’ taste.

Champagne Tower

We also offer a Taglyan Champagne Tower which is dazzling and never fails to impress. Our champagne tower is perfect for any celebration—especially for our beautiful wedding receptions. When you want the ultimate in high-end class, you can’t miss with our visually beautiful champagne tower.

Bar Packages

Besides customized cocktail service and our champagne tower, Taglyan also offers outstanding bar packages. We offer a Standard Bar Package, a Premium Bar Package, and a Beer and Wine Package. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these packages.

At Taglyan, we understand the importance of amazing cocktails and special customized touches at an event. Our bartenders love working with our clients to design just the right drinks for the event. We are happy to offer customized cocktail service, as well as many other customizable services including exquisite dining and beautiful décor. If you’re interested in our customizable drink service and booking your next party at Taglyan, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to check our availability.