3 Steps to Pick a Menu for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding planning involves a process of making many infinitely small decisions in order to achieve perfection. Some couples are up to the task, some have been waiting their whole lives for the opportunity, and some need a lot of help.

If you are in the latter category, here are some tips from Taglyan Complex for selecting a catering menu to serve at the wedding reception. Hopefully these hints make one aspect of your planning period easier.

Step 1: Choose how you want the food served

Determining whether you want regular sit-down service or buffet-style will help make some of the selections easier, as well as helping estimate the budget.

Sit-down or family style are better for more formal events, or when the space is cramped. It allows guests to enjoy intimate conversations with the people at their table. Conversely, it costs more to employ waiters and guests are forced to remain seated during the meal.

Buffet service is preferable because guests are free to interact and help themselves to as much or little food as they desire. It will also save you some money. The downside is that it can detract from a formal affair, with people walking around.

The decision is tied into how you want your reception to operate. If you have a large family, then buffets are easier to get everyone their food. But if you only have a hundred guests, then table service could make the event classier.

Step 2: Sample the food

Most caterers are more than willing to let you sample the food to help with the decision. They will present you with a number of hors d’oeuvres to taste. The chef will also discuss entrees, drinks, sides, and presentation. You can make this event fun by inviting out the bridesmaids and groomsmen for a taste testing event.

Step 3: Take special requests into account

An oft overlooked step is remembering the special dietary restraints of guests for religious, health, and allergy reasons. Making sure everyone has options is important to ensuring everyone has a good time. This is an easier task with buffet service, where guests can pick and choose from dishes.

With these steps in mind, picking a caterer should be easier. Weigh in on the different options, but make sure to have fun. You’re planning a wedding, after all!