BatMitzvahBat Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish ceremony for a girl who turns twelve; her “coming of age” celebration as most perceive it. According to Jewish law, a girl who turns twelve has become old enough to have certain rights and responsibilities with her family, the Jewish community, and ultimately with God.  A twelve year old girl becomes a “Bat Mitzvah” meaning “daughter of commandment” in Aramaic, which is an old language spoken by the Jewish people many centuries ago.  After the religious ceremony, you can have a celebratory party and invite family and friends.Taglyan will help you to create your Bat Mitzvah theme, making it unique, complimenting your daughter. Taglyan Cultural Complex is accustomed to having Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah parties; we know how to help in celebrating these types of religious ceremonies and receptions, with enjoyment and entertainment, yet keeping the core value of the celebration, which is spirituality. Celebrate your daughter’s big spiritual day Bat Mitzvah party at the Taglyan Complex.

A sample video of a spectacular Bat Mitzvah at Taglyan Complex…

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